Finding Beauty and Power in Struggle

Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Design Graduation Collection 2020

The collection is about finding beauty and power in struggle. A chair, representing struggle, is made for you to rest, but when you put it in a different position on your body, you give it an opposite power which becomes heavy and painful. Everyone has struggle. That is unavoidable. So, the best solution is finding beauty in struggle because at the end of every struggle is success and power.

But how do you find beauty in struggle?  This resulted in me asking my muse to try on a chair and find every opening she could to make it fit, and I deconstructed the chair. This means that the best solutions are to face and deal with that struggle and manipulate it by finding ways to fit through it.

The collection starts from a big sculpture on a body and then it becomes smaller on the next models. This signifies that when you face a struggle, it becomes smaller and eventually becomes part of your body, making you stronger, more powerful and a better person.

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